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general life update number 2 [Apr. 13th, 2009|12:30 am]
Alright now onto Family…Everybody is doing pretty good. Carissa and Brianna are getting so freakin big its nuts! Well one night Tee calls us from NJ saying we need to get down there cause Aunt Trish is dieing and has AIDS, so that was a crazy time…it all started in December and she just passed away in February. We went down and saw her a couple times and stuff. It was crazy we hadn’t even spoken since Justin’s funeral. Well Brandon’s in Jail of course, we went to visit him a couple weeks ago. Tee is good, he’s been with this girl Missy for a long time and she’s mad nice. I went down there and spent the night with them and smoked and stuff. Jason was in jail for 4 years and got out, got another girl pregnant and lives with her but she’s grooooosssssssss, but now he’s going back to jail which sucks I was trying to go down there all the time in the summer. We all got high together too, it was soooo weird being with them again, I just miss Justin so freakin much it sucks. I feel so bad for them, they lost there 17 year old brother and now there mom! Damn. Well enough about that

I been chillin with a lot of people since me and Jeff broke up its nice. Nikki from Columbia has her own place and has parties a lot so I go there all the time and meet a bunch of people. Then I’m still friends with Kayla and we do a lot of stuff together. She was actually with this boy named David who she was in love with and they were engaged and lived together and she got prego, well then he decides to tell her 6 months into the pregnancy that he already has another baby! So she left him and moved back home and is now putting the baby up for adoption so she’s been having a rough time. Then I met a lot of people through Adam that I chill with too. Ali is just insane and controlling and hates everyone and expects me too do the same and I cant take it anymore. She tried to actually attack me the one night at Adams and mikie had to lay her out so that was the final straw for me. I don’t need her constant negativity in my life anymore.

Ok now Adam. Well I was in loooove with him in 9th grade. So we started talking on myspace but he had a gf forever well they broke up and we started hanging out in August. And just never really stopped since then. I was really into dating him for awhile but then learned he’s a player asshole. Soooo now we are just friends and occasional fuck buddies lol. I mean I wish he wasn’t like that because we have so much in common and he’s just mad cool, but I cant take that shit. We had a lot of fun times together cus he has his own place so we had partied and stuff, well we still do just not as much. But I def had a lot of fun memories with him in the past 7 months!!!! Crazy ass times for sure.

Random Memories…
-Went to see PLIES and G-Unit and Lil Boosie in concert in September, was really the best day of my life.
-Went to NYC for the day and fell in love in May then went for 2 nights with my mom in September it was incredible.
-Went to Pittsburgh with ali to see Matt and them it was alright
-Got on Weight Watchers for 3 months and lost 20 pounds, now gained it all back
-Started smoking nasty ciggs again
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OMG [Mar. 30th, 2009|02:54 am]
Wow, so it has been freaking long since I wrote in a journal!!! Over a year geeze!!! Alright well obviously I can’t write everything that has happened in the past year so I’ll just write some random stuff I can remember…

~Well me and Sarah did go to Pittsburgh and it turned out to be a lot of fun, well the Grant part anyway…Clinton was still a wack job. We also went to Wild J’s a bunch more times and stayed at Scott and Stacy’s and had fun. One time we brought Ali and Jeff it was there first time at a strip club and Jeff fall backwards when he was getting a lap dance..hahaha sooooo funny.

~Me and Ali got super close again like we were in 8th and 9th grade and were up until 2 or 3 weeks ago, now I doubt it can ever be the same, I'll explain later. But yea we pretty much did everything together. Went a bunch of random places actually had a kick ass time at the Etown fair for some reason, riding rides, ripping down redneck shit, yelling goooo Obama lol. Her dad actually had a heart attack October 08 too so that sucked but he’s good now. We went to a bunch of Halloween places this year too.

~As for me n Jeff haha. Ooook well last year I see we were broken up last time I updated lol. I don’t know that I really consider that broken up now looking back at it. We still chilled and fucked alllllll the time. I only fooled around with one other guy during that time and didn’t have sex or anything with anyone else. But then we officially got “back together” in like May or something and went to the beach and had an amazing time. We went to wildwood most the time but spent 2 days in Atlantic City, it was sooo much fun for some reason. But me and Jeff have nothing at all in common and he has no life goals or ambitions and it has always drivin me insane. It just got really bad and I actually really did leave him at the end of August when I started chillin with Adam again…I’ll get to him later. Well Jeff and I didn’t talk for like 3 months I’d say and he was going insane but then started to get over it and had maaaad friends and stuff. Well during one of me n Adams not talking times I of course had to want Jeff just cause he had other bitches..it was dumb of me and we chilled and had sex and all that off and on until like a month ago..i mean not dating just friends type thing. Well that’s not how he’s looking at it of course, and I feel horrible I guess I was messing with his feelings but I thought he knew where we stood. So even though I do care about him, but do not love him anymore, I am just going to stop talking to him pretty much all together, I already have been for like a week or so. Sooo that’s a bunch of drama I guess. Well I mean it doesn’t really effect me all like that usually but whatever.

~Ok school and work next. I still go to Hacc slowly but surely. I am only taking one class online again shit always happens its annoying. I worked at the daycare until a month ago. Well I worked where I started with the infants until August and then in the preschool year old room where I was the actual afternoon teacher. I loved the job for the most part. Absolutely adored my kids. But my boss was a bitch and they wouldn’t give me full time. Sooo I got a live in nanny position in Baltimore…more on that then lol. Ad gave my notice but they pissed me off bad a week later and I walked out so it turned sour which sucks cus I wanted to see my kids and shit, oh well I guess shit happens.

Alright well tomorrow I'll try and fill ya in on everything else im soooo tired right now so nighty night.
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HELL YEAH [Feb. 3rd, 2008|10:17 pm]
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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2008|01:27 am]
uhh i feel like crap. I dont really no why either. I went out to Nikkis house in columbia on monday night. It was cool but we didnt really do anything. I hadnt seen her in sooo long. I was soo nervous about going to her house..i really wish i new why i got like that. I hate it, i keep just telling myselp to live life. i hate my freakin anxiety.She gave her friend Jeremy my myspace and aim..lol. so we talked like all night that night. then tuesday night he wanted me to come hang out, and i did it!!!!!!! Usually i would be way to nervous to ever do it. Now i dont know if i regret it or not, ill explain then. Soo i get to his house at like 2am lol. He was cute and really cool. We layed in his bed and watched slc punk and tv..and messed around a lil bit. He was soooooo much fun though..uhh. Problem is he has like 7000 girls that are in love with him and he does hard drugs. He showed me his coke needle lol. Im not sure whether i like him or if i just miss that feeling. I think its the second thing. But he hasnt really talked to me at all since then so i kinda feel used..i dk. Im trippen over him for no reason but it has me feeling like crap. So i took a risk and had a great time but now feel shitty.

Anyways...adam..my 9th grade LOVE broke up with his gf..shes psycho tho and flipped out at me the other day so i dont no whether i should persue that or not. i really miss him tho. like a lot. Its been sooo long. i leave for pittsburgh tomorrow. i dont even feel excited right now which really sucks.. Who knows i pray that i feel better in the morning. cya
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(no subject) [Jan. 26th, 2008|03:05 am]
Hey everyone. So me and sarah ended up going to wild J's, but cameron wimped out and made some lame excuse up. whatever im done dealing with him. It was tonsss of fun. They had a feature dancer named jada deville, and she like lit her whole body on fire and did some crazy adams family shit, it was sooo cool. Sarah actually got up on stage with her lol, it was nuts. Jada rode on sarahs face with her bare pussy. She did all kinds of crazy stuff. Then out on the floor she grabbed my boobs and started playing with them lol. Last weekend sarah and i went down to maryland to see her friends, it was fun. But the person whos house we stayed at wanted us in at 11, so that kinda put me in a bad mood, i dk. It was cool though.

Next weekend we are going to PITTSBURGH and i am super excited. We are staying with Clinton, i dont no if i ever told that story. But 2 years ago he was dating lindsay but he was in LOVE with me, we actually ended up messing around and he got totally obsessed with me so that was kinda scary, but i think hes calmed down since then. He was going to school here but he moved back up there,i havemt seen him in almost 2 years so im pretty nervous, but he is really cool and its a free place to stay lol. and then of course im gonna hang out with Grant for a little bit. I am just so excited!! Sarah better not back out, and nothing better not get fucked up!!

Umm me and jeff still talk but we havent been together for 2 months and he is not taking it well at all, i mean at all. I dk how to help him though. I am pretty much enjoying being single.

Uhhh i am sooo stressed about money. My credit card bill is 1500 dollars!!! Ahhhh i have none in my bank account. But of course i went out and got my nails done today and baught a pair of adorable light pink and black nike air force 2's and hot pink and black sparkly jordans. The nikes were 55 and the jordans were 85...thank god i can wear kids sizes!! oh and i baught crest white strips and they were 25 bucks, they better work!!

Work is still amazing and school still sucks lol. But thats about it i guess. Here are some pictures

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(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2008|03:19 am]
Hey guys, I know it’s been forever!! I am soo sorry. But I do still read all of yours I just don’t always comment. But i've read pretty much everything. I guarantee it!!! Nothing really huge has been going on with me, but I’ll put it into sections and try to keep it short.

So with School I finished my last semester with good grades, but was thankful it was over although I miss my soc girls. So that sucks. The new semester started yesterday and because of a new job I had to cancel all 3 classes I was taking and schedule more, but they were all already filled. Sooo I am taking my science class..which I am kinda glad getting it outta the way…I chose environmental science, but its an online class that seems fairly easy. I have to write a letter to a public official, take 3 tests, and participate in the discussion boards, so that seems easy. I’ll just have to study my ass off before the test. Then I am taking Intro to sociology which I shoulda done already. It’s a huuuge morning class which seems alright, I don’t really know what to think about that one yet. I could only find 2 that worked with such short notice so that really sucks. I’m gonna use the 500 dollar loan money that I will get back to pay my credit card bill.. it'll pay half at least.

So I think I already said that I quit blockbuster because I was there and a year and a half and was getting paid less then new employees and they claimed they couldn’t do anything about it. So I went to Turkey hill and HATED it. So stupid me quit without having another job on Dec 23rd. Well…thank god I did that because I got a job at the etown childcare center in the infant room. I just started Monday but I loooove it! I am so attached to the babies already. Uhh its better pay and sooooo much better then retail. So yeah I am super happy about that, I am actually excited to go to work tomorrow.

I broke up with Jeff about 2 months ago or so. I don’t really want to get into it. I just cant take care of someone my whole life. He is going insane and I wish there was something I could do but there isn’t. I don’t know. I need to be single..its been like 4 god damn years!! I wish I could meet someone lol

Ali parties allll the time and im not into that anymore, but we still chill and talk like once every week or so. We went to see Sweeny Todd the other day which was amaaazing. But she got a new boyfriend and stuff. I dk. I still talk to grant all the time, im like his damn therapist lol. I told her not to take his damn virginity. I started talking to Taylor again, so that’s cool. Kayla is mad at me who knows why. Lindsay still lives with that guy, we talk fairly often but haven’t chilled yet. Her man seems like a real asshole. There’s other people I could talk about that I talk to occasionally but I don’t feel like it they don’t really matter right now. (side note-damnnn I wish I could write a paper for school this fast!!!)

But…Sarah, from blockbuster, and I have become really close over the past 2 weeks. We went to see Rent together, my second time, it was amaazzziiinngg. We’ve been out to eat, to the mall, ect a bunch of times. Then Friday night we went about an hour away and met 2 of her really good friends about an hour away at a strip club they go to all the time called wild j’s..look it up on Google they have a website if interested. So it was my first time but sooooooo much damn fun. The girls were awesome and sooo nice. They hugged me when I left and stuff. Haha I got 4 lap dances, it was just a fun time. Then we went bar hopping and got kicked out of 2 bars because of me being under age lol. Damn only being 19. So we went back to Scott and Stacies huuuge ass house at like 3:30am and slept there. It was an awesome time, I loved it. So tomorrow were taken Cameron with us!! Yay I am soo excited but kinda nervous. Anyway, I guess that’s all I'll talk about for now. Cya guys.
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(no subject) [Dec. 22nd, 2007|04:10 pm]
Ok, so i am getting a tattoo of a boombox with my cousin Justins name in it and his date of birth and date of death. Some background....He was not just my cousin but my best friend...when he was 17 years old he hung himself. I am getting the boombox because he was so passionate about music, he shaped all of my musical tastes, and music just brings me back to him. But i want to get a quote along with the tattoo..does anyone have any ideas???????? It can be positive obviously. THANKS!!!
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New pics [Dec. 19th, 2007|05:31 pm]
Soooo i dont really feel like updating. I quit blockbuster and work at Turkey hill and hate it. I need out like ASAP. I broke up with Jeff about 3 weeks ago, ive been talking to a few boys i dk though. ummm i dont know lol.. I'll update sooner or later

I tried to lighten my hair from black myself and lets just say i completely screwed it up, so i had to go spend 220 dollars to get it fixed! I keep complaining about how i miss my long hair, and then i go get 4 inches or so cut of and 2 in the front. and it is lighter then it has ever been in my life. I had 8 chemical processes on my hair in 2 days...so it is completely DEAD! I'm not even sere if i like it
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(no subject) [Nov. 21st, 2007|01:45 am]
Hey guys sorry its been so long. Nothing really has been going on. I quit Blockbuster, after working there for over a year, and i got a job at Turkey Hill..she PROMOSED me 30-35 hours a week but has not done that yet :( annoying. But everyone at blockbuster took it really well, and now Tina quit! lol. Turkey Hill is alright, the people seem cool so far, i don't know. They are a lot different then me,but so is everyone i ever work with lol. I am hoping i dont work on friday, if i do i'm really gonna cry!!! I WANNA SHOP damn it.

Jeff and I have looked at a few apartments, i fell in love with one, but it's taken, so that sucks. Our date is Dec 15th, i am SO damn excited, but really worried. Everyone is doubting us, and mainly jeff and its really annoying. But i dont know, if we cant move on the 15th then things are gonna get bad. Anyways....my whole room is in boxes,lol..and ive spent waaaaaaay too much money on shit for the place. I got aproved for my first credit card by the way,lol. A Disney one!!! I'll be careful, I know. But yeah, jeff and i are fine, nothing really to say about it.

Me and Taylor are cool again i think,lol. And me and Ali still talk damn near everyday. We went to the mall on Saturday and then me, her, and jeff hung at her house till 3am, it was funnnn. School is till going good, almost done thank god. Well thats about it, i don't feel like writing but i thought i should update.
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(no subject) [Oct. 17th, 2007|01:11 am]
Hey guys. Nothings really going on here i just thought i'd update. My dad fixed my car on Friday so i'm really excited about that, and i found a used starter so I only had to pay 35$. But i went to the mall and spent over a 100 dollars, but I got 2 pairs of work pants plus 5 shirts so It's alright. I hate thinking about money. I just complained about my pay though, so I am getting a raise now as a CSR and when i get my promotion which should be within these next couple weeks. I went in after school tonight and did half my moduals, i just have a few more to do. I missed my psychology class again for the 3rd time in a row! not good at all. Ali, Hunter, Travis, me, and Jeff all went to Jasons Woods saturday night, we had a good time but the line was huuuuge and i actually think i like Field of Screams better. We got there at 9 and didnt even get on the first thing till 11:45. I slept at Jeffs that night obviously. Sooo nothing really has been going on other then that. I better be getting this raise asap or I am applying other places, my pay is rediculous. alright well hopifuly Jeff and I are going to look at apartments tomorrow night. I dont know though, i wanna get a place more then ANYTHING i;m just paranoid as hell about the money thing. ahhh stress sucks. Alright well i'm gonna go, cya guys.
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