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general life update number 2 - My Uninteresting Life [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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general life update number 2 [Apr. 13th, 2009|12:30 am]
Alright now onto Family…Everybody is doing pretty good. Carissa and Brianna are getting so freakin big its nuts! Well one night Tee calls us from NJ saying we need to get down there cause Aunt Trish is dieing and has AIDS, so that was a crazy time…it all started in December and she just passed away in February. We went down and saw her a couple times and stuff. It was crazy we hadn’t even spoken since Justin’s funeral. Well Brandon’s in Jail of course, we went to visit him a couple weeks ago. Tee is good, he’s been with this girl Missy for a long time and she’s mad nice. I went down there and spent the night with them and smoked and stuff. Jason was in jail for 4 years and got out, got another girl pregnant and lives with her but she’s grooooosssssssss, but now he’s going back to jail which sucks I was trying to go down there all the time in the summer. We all got high together too, it was soooo weird being with them again, I just miss Justin so freakin much it sucks. I feel so bad for them, they lost there 17 year old brother and now there mom! Damn. Well enough about that

I been chillin with a lot of people since me and Jeff broke up its nice. Nikki from Columbia has her own place and has parties a lot so I go there all the time and meet a bunch of people. Then I’m still friends with Kayla and we do a lot of stuff together. She was actually with this boy named David who she was in love with and they were engaged and lived together and she got prego, well then he decides to tell her 6 months into the pregnancy that he already has another baby! So she left him and moved back home and is now putting the baby up for adoption so she’s been having a rough time. Then I met a lot of people through Adam that I chill with too. Ali is just insane and controlling and hates everyone and expects me too do the same and I cant take it anymore. She tried to actually attack me the one night at Adams and mikie had to lay her out so that was the final straw for me. I don’t need her constant negativity in my life anymore.

Ok now Adam. Well I was in loooove with him in 9th grade. So we started talking on myspace but he had a gf forever well they broke up and we started hanging out in August. And just never really stopped since then. I was really into dating him for awhile but then learned he’s a player asshole. Soooo now we are just friends and occasional fuck buddies lol. I mean I wish he wasn’t like that because we have so much in common and he’s just mad cool, but I cant take that shit. We had a lot of fun times together cus he has his own place so we had partied and stuff, well we still do just not as much. But I def had a lot of fun memories with him in the past 7 months!!!! Crazy ass times for sure.

Random Memories…
-Went to see PLIES and G-Unit and Lil Boosie in concert in September, was really the best day of my life.
-Went to NYC for the day and fell in love in May then went for 2 nights with my mom in September it was incredible.
-Went to Pittsburgh with ali to see Matt and them it was alright
-Got on Weight Watchers for 3 months and lost 20 pounds, now gained it all back
-Started smoking nasty ciggs again