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Hey guys sorry its been so long. Nothing really has been going on. I… - My Uninteresting Life [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 21st, 2007|01:45 am]
Hey guys sorry its been so long. Nothing really has been going on. I quit Blockbuster, after working there for over a year, and i got a job at Turkey Hill..she PROMOSED me 30-35 hours a week but has not done that yet :( annoying. But everyone at blockbuster took it really well, and now Tina quit! lol. Turkey Hill is alright, the people seem cool so far, i don't know. They are a lot different then me,but so is everyone i ever work with lol. I am hoping i dont work on friday, if i do i'm really gonna cry!!! I WANNA SHOP damn it.

Jeff and I have looked at a few apartments, i fell in love with one, but it's taken, so that sucks. Our date is Dec 15th, i am SO damn excited, but really worried. Everyone is doubting us, and mainly jeff and its really annoying. But i dont know, if we cant move on the 15th then things are gonna get bad. Anyways....my whole room is in boxes,lol..and ive spent waaaaaaay too much money on shit for the place. I got aproved for my first credit card by the way,lol. A Disney one!!! I'll be careful, I know. But yeah, jeff and i are fine, nothing really to say about it.

Me and Taylor are cool again i think,lol. And me and Ali still talk damn near everyday. We went to the mall on Saturday and then me, her, and jeff hung at her house till 3am, it was funnnn. School is till going good, almost done thank god. Well thats about it, i don't feel like writing but i thought i should update.

[User Picture]From: kissxkissxbangx
2007-11-22 07:06 am (UTC)
no, my friend & i are
getting an apartment, california.
back where i just came from :]
omg i haven't bought anything but
i have to start soon,
& i'm excited because i get to
decorate it lol
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