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(no subject) [Oct. 12th, 2007|01:13 am]
Hey guys what’s up? Nothing really here. I guess Kayla’s pissed at me cus I “ditched” her Saturday night. But whatever, I cant deal with this high school drama..i’m in my second year of college damn. I guess me and Taylor are cool again though which is good. Im tryin to see if she wants to come to Jason’s Woods with us all on Saturday since I haven’t chilled with her in forever. My car is dead, it needs a new starter, so it REALLY sucks. Then I gotta pay for registration, 2 new pairs of work pants a whole bunch of crap. Geeze I just wanna move the hell out and it seems like I'll never be able too. I have to take my car to get inspected, that alto be fun. Grrrrrrrrrr I hate stress. I missed my psychology class AGAIN today.

Uhh anyway. Grant moved back to Pittsburgh, I feel so bad for him, he still talks to me and stuff, but ali is really getting annoyed because he is SO damn obsessed with her. Its insane and definitely not healthy at all! But I feel real bad for him, plus I miss him cus he was cool as shit. I chilled with ali yesterday, we went out to eat at Chilis then drove all over the place..before my car died today. We went back to her house and watched hostel 2 which was CRAZY and I was too scared to drive home so I slept there,lol.

Alright I FINALLY got new pics to show cus I don’t think I ever put any up of my hair after I cut 10 inches off!

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(no subject) [Oct. 8th, 2007|01:34 am]
Hey guys, I really need to stop waiting to post, i always forget what i wanted to talk about. Well heres what I remember of my week

Monday-I got out of work at 4 and picked Jeff up from the park, we went to BK and talked, that sat in my car forever and talked. We went back to his house and he cried for hours in my arms, that was about it. Very emotional day

Tuesday-School...I was suposed to go to Jeffs after but he was having a ton of problems, i guess he was on too many meds and was completly sedated, so that was a mess.

Wednesday. I worked with Cameron all day and that was lotsss of fun, we had a really good time most the night, i love working with him...usually. At 11 Jeff called me and told me to come sleep over,lol. So I did. IT was cool, we went to Sheetz and got food and watched Wrong Turn 2 which was pretty good. We stayed up till 6, so of course i didnt go to my psych class,lol. I went to my other two though.

Thursday-nothing but what i just said

Friday. Jeff was sick and pissed me off cus i wanted to hang out. But Kayla called me to go to a haunted thing with her. so I went down there around 730, but of course plans changed,lol. We went and hung out with a bunch of people in lancaster, it was actually fun. The 2 other girls were really cool and it takes a hell of a lot for me to say that. So I went home around 2am. But the fog was so bad that i could not see ANYTHING, it was so scary.

Saturday-I worked till5 then faught with Jeff on the phone-drama that i dont feel like getting into, but eventually it ended up being i took brianna too chucky cheese, then Jeff and me went around and talked. I went back too his house then. He was being super weird and not talking and being all depressed cus he knows how I am feeling and i guess he cant stop crying and stuff. I tried to tell him that him acting wierd is not helping at all!! Uhhh the drama

Today-worked all day

I am so freaking stressed out. I work with Cameron tomorrow night so i hope he is in one of his cool moods, he can be totally kick ass and sometimes really sucky to work with.I guess I'm gonna try to get up early and go to the mall to get new work pants, i shouldnt spend the money but i need too, i am feeling like shit. Well I'm gonna go, cya
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(no subject) [Sep. 30th, 2007|11:43 pm]
Hey guys, whats up? So I wasnt so sure about going to Field of Screams with out Jeff, but I had a LOT of fun. I mean I thought about him obviously, but still. It was sooo much fun! Kayla and some of her friends went and Nikki and some of her friends went cus i told them all too,lol. But they didnt do any of the scary shit, they watched the rap battles the whole time, we did some of the time with them, i was just bouncen back and forth between them. But me, Ali, Grant, and Alis lil bro Hunter did all the stuff together, me and ali act crazy so that made it even more awesome. I screamed in Michaels face so that was super exciting,lol. I cant wait to go to Jasons Woods in 2 weeks!!!! I think there all coming with me and Jeff. Jeff and I wanna go to one by ourselves and we were gonna go to Sickmans Mill but i heard it wasnt all that great so does anyone know of a good one in PA???????? Uhhh I wish it was Halloween all year round,lol. I love it. Alright well Jeff gets out tomorrow so thats awesome, cya guys
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(no subject) [Sep. 28th, 2007|10:15 pm]
Uhh I can't deal with this. I miss him so much, like more then I normally do. But when I talk to him...20 min last night and 20 mins tonight..cus he has to use a phone card..i'm so mean. I can't help it though. I really cant. But of course as soon as we get of the phone i wanna be like i love you and miss you baby, all that. I REALLY wish I could call and say that :( I PRAY that he gets out on Monday for sure. I mean even though i'm upset, and all that i still just can't wait to see him and he is my baby and I want him to feel better. :( I wish I could sleep these 2 days away!

I called off work tonight, i feel crappy about it but oh well. Ive only done it one other time the whole year i have worked there so they can get over it. I work tomorrow 1-6 and then me, ali, grant, and hunter are going to Field of Screams and probly meeting kayla and her friends there. I don't really like it there, i LOVE Jasons Woods, but they are having rap battles tomorrow night and i love that shit. So yeah, in October I guess we'll be going to Jasons woods and Sickmans Mill. YAY i looove Halloween. Then I work 3-1030 on sunday..and 10-3 on monday. I Hope he's home by the time I get off work monday. I miss him. A lot.
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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2007|12:39 am]
Ok guys so sorry about that post yesterday, it was a little crazy. But here is what happened. I dropped Jeff off on Sunday before going to work because we had spent the weekend together and had a kick ass time. Ok so I didn’t talk to him at all on Monday and by Tuesday night I thought this was a little strange so I called his mom and she is being totally weird but tells me he's in some psychiatric hospital in freaking Philly. So im freaking out on the phone obviously and she wouldn’t tell me anything other then its too gruesome to talk about and all this crazy shit...but wouldn’t tell me what happened and didn’t even call me!!!! So I’m like I've been dating him for 3 years I think I have a right to know and I damn well thing I should have been called and she didn’t say anything. So I have been crying non stop and all that. So finally he called me tonight. I guess him and his mom had been fighting all day cus she’s psycho and doesn’t want him to move out, I dk. So he says he blacked out but other ppl told him what happened, I guess he threatened her and punched her car window in. So she called the cops and he went to the ER and is now at that place he says till Monday or Tuesday. This has not happened in over a year and he seemed fine!!! So I was like I cant deal with this my whole life Jeff, how am I supposed to feel safe around u and all that. He started bawling and promising he'd take his meds everyday this time and please don’t leave him and all that. Uhh why cant anything in my life ever be normal?!?!? I don’t know what the fuck to do.

Ok, so I feel much better that I know what happened but I am still SO angry at his mom. We used to be super close and all that. But about 2 months ago when we started talking about moving out she has been a total bitch to me. I think saying it was too gruesome to talk about was completely un called for! Does she know what kind of shit was going through my head?!?! Seriously. and she didn’t even call me but she called his fucking boss. What a bitch, I don’t think I can be nice to her anymore, I really don’t. Alright well im gonna go now, cya
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Fuck You [Sep. 26th, 2007|01:47 am]
Why can't I EVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT SOMETHING THAT IS FUCKNG NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!! I cant do this. I thought he was fine for months now. Aparently not. WTF. All his mom will tell me is that it was gruesome!! WHAT THE FUCK kinds of things does she think that i am thinking now?!?!?!?! This is bull shit. Why the fuck wasnt i called earlier. I had to call her!!! Why does this shit always happen. I cant do this my whole fucking life, i cant! I dont know what the hell to do. I cant do this. I cant help but be selfish though. Here goes my moving out plans!! ALL THE FUCKING SHIT WE GOT ALL THE PLANS...Probably DOWN THE FUCKING DRAIN. I was suposed to be going to field of screams this weekend, well thats fucking ruined now. GREAT! AND I DONT EVEN NO WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!!!!!!!! WTF! Fuckthis shit. i cant take this forever, i just can not handle this. Why is this happening again, i thought everything was ok! WHY THE FUCK CANT EVERYTHING BE OK FOR MORE THEN A FEW GOD DAMN MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriosuly, I can only have a like 2 or 3 months of happiness, sometimes less and it turns into this shit again and everything has to start the fuck over. this is bull shit, GOD!!!!!!! Fuck this. I cant take it. Seriosuly, ive been with him for god damn mother fucking years and i dont even know whats going on! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know how long he will be there, where its at, or even WHY THE FUCK HE IS THERE. All i know was that he was stressed about money earlier in the day yesterday and then did something "gruesome" and went to the ER. Greeeaaaat, thats a lot of fucking help huh? Uh what the fuck ever, fuck this shit.

(no subject) [Sep. 24th, 2007|01:21 am]
So my parents have been in Vegas all week for there 10 year anni and my moms 40th bday! I cant't believe she's 40!!!! Wow. I can NOT wait for her to come home tomorrow, i miss my mommy. Well Brianna and I went to the Humane society one night to see the animals, its sad though. Then we went to Friendlys, then another night we went shopping in York and I got a few things for the apartment. Last night Jeff slept at nanny;s with me. Me, him, and Beans went Glow Bowling, that was fun. Nothing else really to update on, so cya.

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(no subject) [Sep. 18th, 2007|10:26 pm]
Hey guy, sorry I never update anymore, at least I still comment though. Sonothing really has been going on. I am in the middle of getting a promotion at work, so thats cool. I'' basically be a subsitute manager. When one is sick or something I can cover for them, so I hope it's a decent raise. I'm not sure of all the details yet. But Laura has kept up with her part of the deal she's been giving me like 25-30 hours every week. So basically I go to school and work every single day, it sucks. Oh I got an A on both of the tests i've had do far so thats cool.

Jeff and I are doing great. We just had out mine vacation, it was lots of fun. We are getting a place together in Novemember, so as soon as i get this 250$ check from tmobile we are going shopping for stuff we need. We already have all of the furniture and tons more stuff that my family has been saving. So its all pretty awesome and I am SUPER excited.

Lindsay actually called me and apolagized, I don't know I dont think I can forgive her. Me and Ali chill just not tons cus I am ALWAYS busy, it's crazy. Well thats pretty much it I think, I'll try to update more. cya guys
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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY [Sep. 5th, 2007|03:53 pm]

Ahhhhhh, now i have to drive by myself, i'm scared,lol
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Not a real update [Sep. 4th, 2007|10:34 pm]
I am taking the license test again tomorrow and I am sooo nervous i think i could puke. It sucks, i hate this! I just want to have my freaking license. ahhhhhhhhhh
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