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My Uninteresting Life

You Gotta Love Me

25 August
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I AM NOW 17 NOT 15

I am an extremly shy person, although you wouldnt beable to tell if you ment me, i dont seem that way at all. I seem to be very outgoing most of the time. i hide the way i feel, which i know is a bad thing. I trust people way to easy, and then i always end up getting hurt and screwed over, its horrable. Other then that i can get along with just about anybody. As long as your not constantly trying to start drama chances are i'll probly like you.
~I dont normally have lots of drama
~I am nice to everyone unless you really piss me off
~I love all kinds of music, im just not a big fan of country but i can still listen to it.
~I am a huge movie fan...i can watch almost any movie, my current obsession it Tristen and Isolde
~i have a boyfriend named Jeff who i have been with for almost 2 years, so obviously i do talk about him but not constantly
~I am very interested in Children and Mental Health...As a senior in high school, i attended the VoTech for Early Childhood Education, i graduated June 2nd....Next year im going to Harrisburg Area Community College to study Human services
~I post pictures usually about once or twice every week
Look in my memories for important info and pics

Image hosted by Photobucket.com AWWWW jade made me this!!

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some other stuff


Me and my boyfriend, we've been together for almost 2 years